The fast moving streetwear trend has taken its way off the pavements and onto the runway. The once ignored fashion statement embraced by youth and the everyday, is now largely indistinguishable from editorial and haute couture. This leaves behind peoples understanding of what a streetwear brand represents in disarray. Furthermore, big corporations have leapt on board and what was a niche sub-culture with a small market is now part of the global fashion world with a huge audience.


Setting ourselves apart we have created, Corella.


Wieldy, and most importantly; sensibly priced. With our experience and background in manufacturing, Corella sources only the finest quality, weighted materials which are hand chosen and eco-rich. These materials go on to manufacture our garments in our in-house overseas factories. It is here we get to be picky about sizing, fit, colours and feel, allowing our collection to be durable, heavy and fatigue-wearing.

We are here for the long haul, with our first collection dropping in the new contemporary streetwear area at Selfridges through the UK November 2018.


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